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September 21, 2020


Miners in China work from home using 5G-enabled machinery to do heavy lifting

Aug 28, 2020

It is reported that miners in China are now using 5G-enabled machinery to do heavy lifting from home as the world continues to be ravaged by Covid-19 pandemic.

CCTV reported that the 5G technology enables workers to remotely control equipment at the mine with precision, owing to the high speed and low latency connectivity.

The company, China Molybdenum, has applied 5G technology in the Sandaozhuang mine in central China since 2019, the technological marvel currently in place in an industry few thought would be possible.

The technological feat translates to workers being able to see what they are doing in real-time as they carry out rough but delicate work on site.


Source: CCTV, China.


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