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September 21, 2020


China state media accuses US of trying to steal TikTok

Aug 04, 2020

Chinese state media  has blasted Washington for what it calls the United States' "nasty" treatment of TikTok — the wildly popular video-sharing app that has become emblematic of worsening US-China relations.

"The US' decoupling from China starts [with] killing China's most competitive companies," wrote the Global Times, a state-run tabloid, in an editorial published Monday.

TikTok , a Bejing-based tech firm  came to a head over  when US President Donald Trump threatened to ban the app from operating in the United States.

Policymakers have repeatedly expressed concern that TikTok could pose a threat to national security should the data it collects on its US users end up in the hands of the Chinese government.

TikTok has said, it stores its data outside of China and that it would resist any attempts by Beijing to seize the information.

President Trump has said, he would be open to allowing a US company to buy TikTok if only the US gets a cut. Washington State-based Microsoft (MSFT) has emerged as a potential buyer, and has said it is pursuing a purchase.

The dispute has drawn ire from state-run Chinese media outlets, whose editorials are often looked upon as a barometer of sentiment among senior officials.

Source: CNN

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