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October 30, 2020


Akufo Addo directs Finance Ministry to pay $45k loan to D.K Poison

Oct 06, 2020

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has directed the Ministry of Finance to pay retired world boxing champion, David Kotei popularly known as D.K. Poison the US$45,000 Ghana owed him.

D.K. Poison in 1976, loaned to the government of Ignatius Kutu Acheampong an amount of $45,000 out of his purse of $75,000 from his second title defence against Japanese Shig Fukuyama for the purchase of some commodities for the state.

However, 44 years on, all attempts to reclaim the money from the state have proved futile despite promises by past governments to ensure he was reimbursed with the amount owed him.

On September 20, 1975, D.K. Poison became the first Ghanaian to win a world title when he defeated the champion, Reuben Olivares, by split points in a 15-round clash in Inglewood, California.

The Sports Ministry petitioned the Presidency on paying back a $45,000 loan the government took from boxing legend D.K Poison and this has successfully been granted.

In a letter dated 28th September 2020, the President gave his approval for the payment of D.K. Poison's loan on "compassionate grounds."


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Last modified on Tuesday, 06 October 2020 14:46
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