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October 31, 2020


Financial hurdles in managing colts football driving away youth talents

Sep 17, 2020

As part of SilverSports quest to take a look at some challenges facing football development at the grassroots level which has reduced interests of fans of the much loved sports,SportsNet has been engaging with some administrators of colt football in the Ashanti Region as they share their plight.

There are so many of our kids playing football on the streets who have raw talent and to preserve a conveyor belt of talent that should ultimately benefit our football at every sphere, such raw talent needs to be honed.

Some colt club coaches have cited the incursion of foreign league and the craze for it as one of the reasons for the lack of fans' interest in the development of sports from the grass roots to the national level.

SportsNet invited Coach Kwaku Boateng,owner of SK Fresh Second Division Club at Bremang, George Wireko Korna  Ashanti Regional Juvenile Chairman at KMA who doubles as owner of Mountain Movers Club at Bremang and Sadat Urmah'Meboa Wo'  owner of Zebra Football Club.

Kwaku Boateng,Head Coach of SK Fresh Second Division Club, in an interview with Fancy Di Maria on SportsNet bemoan lack of funds in nurturing young talents has resulted in loss of talents to different trades for survival.

''Unfortunately, there is no program to tackle the needs of coaches at colts level and generally in football in this difficult circumstances of COVID 19''

''In general terms,one can have the passion to run football but if there are no enough funds to manage the club it will be difficult to nurture these young players to achieve their dream of playing football''

''So eventually, the raw talents turn to find a source living elsewhere after their parents decide to engage them in trades for survival''

''I have about 90 young players under my care as a Coach and by the time COVID 19 relaxes I think I would be left with 7 player at my disposal due to financial constraints......They are all venturing into other trades for survival''

The colts administrators cited numerous reasons why performances in the Premier League have dipped constantly year in, year out.

They urged the Ghana Football Association to direct some funding towards training and supporting coaches properly at colts level and perhaps after a few years, the domestic league might see some real talent in years to come.

The Ghana football Association,early this year,announced that player registration for all Colts clubs across the country is free.

This move by the Executive Council is to revive Ghana football from the grassroot.

The Coaches advocated an inclusive effort in developing juvenile(colts) football since the FA and clubs alone cannot see this happen.


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Last modified on Thursday, 17 September 2020 15:19
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