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September 23, 2020


EC's hefty filing fee will one day pave way for 'drug barons' to rule Ghana

Sep 15, 2020

Mr Joseph Osei Yeboah (JOY 2020),an aspiring Independent presidential candidate for the 2020 general election has admonished that pegging the filing fees for Presidential and Parliamentary aspirants at Ghc 100,000 and Ghc 10,000 respectively will lead to allowing money to determine who qualifies to be a leader in Ghana.

He indicated that the filing fees is ''exorbitant and would one day open doors for unqualified persons who have money to infiltrate the system and pay to rule this country while eliminating patriotic candidates from contesting''.

Speaking at the Commission's "Let The Citizen Know" press conference in Accra on Monday, September 14, the EC Chairperson, Madam Jean Mensa said individuals or parties willing to contest the elections must first make a deposit of the aforementioned amount in a form of a bankers draft to the Commission after downloading, filling and submitting their forms within 5 days.

"The Presidential Candidate will be required to deposit an amount of Ghc 100,000 in a form of a Bankers draft to the Commission, Parliamentary Candidates will be required to deposit Ghc 10,000 in a form of a Bankers draft as well. We wish all candidates for both presidential and parliamentary elections well, we trust that the nomination process will be efficient, seemless and orderly . . ." she said.

In an interview with Lovin 'C' on Ghana Ho Nkomo,JOY firmly indicated that payment of the amount is NOT a problem for him but charging huge sums for nomination forms will eliminate the spirit of good leadership and contribute the use of money to determine who qualifies to be a leader in Ghana.

''If we decide to peg filing fees at such huge deposit it will pave way for only drug barons to contest in our elections some years to come and deter patriotic leaders from contesting''

''In this difficult circumstance of COVID 19 pandemic, I think the EC should have even called an emergency IPAC meeting for parties to deliberate on this.....This filing fee is too much''

''The US as an example only charge candidates $500 in their presidential elections but look at Trump as a billionaire why not charge huge fees...this means the rational behind their leadership is not money but persons who can manage the affairs of the state''

''We should look at the psychology and rational behind charging of this fees....this breeds corruption and stealing of state resources by persons who get the opportunity to manage the affairs of the state but shouldn’t be the psychology of the process''.

He opined that Electoral Commission cannot use NPP and NDC's financial obligations of charging high nomination fees in the parties primaries to determine the filing fees,since the rational behind the political parties charge is to raise funds to run their party.



Last modified on Tuesday, 15 September 2020 17:50
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