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October 31, 2020

Opoku Ware School eliminate Holy Child School & Wesley Girls’ High School

Oct 05, 2020

Opoku Ware School has eliminated Holy Child School and Wesley Girls’ High School to make it to the Semifinal Stage of the 2020 edition of the NSMQ.

Holy Child School kicked off the competition with great zeal and energy, however, Opoku Ware School gained momentum towards the end of the first round.  They answered three of their major questions in a row correctly, which saw them leading the group with a six-point margin at the end of the round.

The contest was moderated by Dr. Elsie Effah Kaufmann.

In the second round, Opoku Ware School appeared faster than their contenders, and ended the round of speed still in the lead.

Wesley Girls’ High School missed the Prudential Life NSMQ Star award by one point. They scored nine points in the Problem of the Day, while Opoku Ware School and Holy Child School scored seven and six points respectively.

Holy Child School solving the Problem of the Day

In the fourth round, Opoku Ware School further widened the gap by answering all their True/False statements correctly. Holy Child School tried their best to give them a hot chase in the fifth round, alas, it was too late to catch up. They answered two of the riddles correctly, but that could not earn them enough points to win the race.

All the three schools received the Absa Money Zone award – an award that converts the scores schools accrue during a contest from the Quarterfinal Stage upwards. At the Quarterfinal Stage, scores are multiplied by GH₵10.00, hence for ending the contest with 37 points, the three contestants and the teacher from Wesley Girls’ High School received a cash prize of GH₵370.00 each. For ending with 40 points, Holy Child School received GH₵400.00, while Opoku Ware School received a cash prize of GH₵490.00 each to the three contestants and their teacher.

Here is a breakdown of the contest:

Round One – General questions on Chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics
Opoku Ware School: 21
Holy Child School: 15
Wesley Girl’s High School: 15


Round Two – Speed Race
Opoku Ware School: 26
Holy Child School: 16
Wesley Girl’s High School: 15


Round Three – Problem of the Day
Opoku Ware School: 33
Holy Child School: 22
Wesley Girl’s High School: 24


Round Four – True or False
Opoku Ware School: 49
Holy Child School: 32
Wesley Girl’s High School: 37


Round Five – Riddles

Opoku Ware School: 49
Holy Child School: 40
Wesley Girl’s High School: 37


The National Science & Maths Quiz and Science Festival is sponsored by the Ghana Education Service in partnership with Absa Bank Ghana Limited and supported by Joy News, Prudential Life Insurance, Goil, Airtel Tigo, Dano Milk, Academic City, Accra College of Medicine, Academic City, Central University, GTP, Adansi Travels, Medifem Multi-specialist Hospital and Fertility Centre, Third Eyecare Vision Centre and YFM.

The NSMQ is proudly produced by Primetime. 


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